Has Ireland disappeared off the map?

Congratulations on your relaunch. It looks great. But can I ask you
what the hell’s going on on page 41? If you look to the left of Great
Britain there’s a new island which I’ve never seen before. And what’s
more, it’s in the place where Ireland used to be. It looks suspiciously
like a former logo of the Ulster Unionist Party, but surely that’s just
an unfortunate coincidence.

I would have thought that Ireland
disappearing without trace would have led to at least a news in brief
in the English press, but I can’t remember having read about it. Have
you had any contact with the thousands of journalists working in
Ireland up to quite recently, or have they all disappeared too?

mischievous colleague suggests that someone at Press Gazette has lopped
off those parts of the island west of Derry and south of Newry because
the new classified service is UK only. But then there’s a panel to the
right of the page featuring jobs in Los Angeles and Dubai, and last
time I looked neither of these places was in the UK either.

seem to recall that many moons ago when I was a journalism student, the
Press Gazette was called the UK Press Gazette . Is a return to the old
name the next stage in your relaunch?

Or might the island of Ireland and its missing journalists reappear in the Press Gazette next week?

Robin Livingstone Editor, Andersonstown News Belfast

(Editor’s note: Our art editor is from Dublin. Ireland returns next week)

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