Has feminism gone too far? asks Platell

Former Fleet Street editor and Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell
challenges the notion that ‘women can have it all’ in a Channel 4
programme tonight (3 February).

In a film broadcast in the
current affairs series 30 Minutes, at 7.30pm, Platell investigates
whether feminism has damaged a woman’s chances of happiness – offering
an unrealistic dream of being able to have it all, whenever they want

“Women can’t have it all,” she said.

“If women are unhappy, it’s because they are ruining it for themselves.”

talks to some of the key thinkers on women’s issues, including feminist
icon and author Fay Weldon, who airs her doubts over the achievements
of feminism, suggesting it may have gone too far.

Platell also
investigates why equality seems to equate to young women behaving like
men – competing with them in the workplace, but also matching them
drink for drink in the so-called “ladette” culture.

As a career
woman, Platell claims it is a myth that women can spend their 20s
relentlessly pursuing a career and then switch tracks and try and find
a life partner and dad for their kids.

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