Hacking trial at a glance: Five defendants not guilty, five guilty, one medically unfit

Full report on the hacking trial verdicts here.

There were initially 11 defendants in the case. Here are the outcomes (so far) at a glance:

Conspiracy to hack phones:

Rebekah Brooks – not guilty

Andy Coulson – guilty

Stuart Kuttner – not guilty

Ian Edmondson – medically unfit, will be tried at later date

James Weatherup – pleaded guilty

Neville Thurlbeck – pleaded guilty

Glenn Mulcaire – pleaded guilty 

Dan Evans – pleaded guilty

Conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office (payments to public officials):

Rebekah Brooks – not guilty

Andy Coulson – jury unable to reach a verdict

Clive Goodman – jury unable to reach a verdict

Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (removal of seven boxes from News International Archive):

Rebekah Brooks – not guilty

Cheryl Carter – not guilty

Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice (concealing computers and documents from police):

Charlie Brooks – not guilty

Rebekah Brooks – not guilty

Mark Hanna – not guilty

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