Hacking and 7/7 victim John Tulloch thanks press after winning right to remain in UK


A journalism lecturer injured in the London 7/7 bombings has thanked the British press after winning his fight to remain in the UK.

Professor John Tulloch, who reportedly sued News International earlier this year for phone-hacking, had previously been told he was no longer entitled to remain in the country indefinitely.

Tulloch, whose picture was widely published in the media after being caught up in an attack at Edgware Road,is a former head of journalism at Cardiff University..

The Home Office confirmed yesterday that Tulloch had “applied for citizenship and it was granted”.

After being warned that he could no longer remain in the UK permanently, the story was picked up by the press and Tulloch has said this is when his case began to progress.

“It’s just extraordinary. I am absolutely thrilled. I have a great deal to thank you for,” he told the Telegraph.

“I spent 18 years trying through the front door and this just shows what the media can do in a matter of weeks.”

Citing a story that appeared in the Telegraph, he said: "You could never get anybody on the phone who understood the issues. But within 48 hours of your story appearing, the director of immigration was phoning me.

“They gave me a senior caseworker who I could call direct at any time and who was extremely helpful and sympathetic and lateral-thinking.

"For the first time ever, they were really interested in my whole story. They were clearly looking for a way through, whereas in the past they were looking for the opposite. They really have bent over backwards since your story appeared.”

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