Guardian size-switch confirmed for Autumn

The Guardian today confirmed that it is to switch to mid-size Berliner format in the Autumn.
The paper claimed that the news puts it a year ahead of schedule. The Observer will change size in early 2006.
Chief executive of Guardian Newspapers Limited
Carolyn McCall said: “Just over a year ago we made one of the most
important decisions in the 184-year history of the Guardian, and the
213-year history of the Observer.
“To design both papers again completely from scratch. To launch them in a
new format never before seen in the UK. To build our own print centre and
install the most modern presses in the newspaper industry. To position our
papers as the first of a new generation of full-colour national newspapers.
“The remarkable progress we have made is testament to the professionalism
and commitment of our staff, our press partner, MAN Roland, and our print
partners, Trafford Park and Newsfax International.”
Two MAN Roland ColorMAN presses are currently
being installed at a new Guardian printing works in Stratford, East
London. A third Berliner-size press is being installed at the paper’s
existing print works in Trafford Park, Manchester.
The new size of The Guardian will be 470mm by 315mm which is in between current tabloid and broadsheet formats.
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