Guardian readers' editor Ian Mayes talks to PG

As Guardian readers’ editor Ian Mayes prepares to step down after 10 years of corrections, Press Gazette brings you five of the best corrections and clarifications from the 14,000 Mayes has dealt with in his 10 years in the job.

16 September 1998
In an article in Guardian Weekend, headed ‘The God of fast things'(page 41, 12 September), we suggested that at the speed of light you could make 11,160 return journeys from Victoria to Brighton in 60 minutes. In fact, you would only need about six seconds.

19 October 1999
The building illustrating Simon Hoggart’s Diary, (page 12, Saturday Review, 16 October), was not Cheltenham Town Hall, as the caption suggested it might be. It was Boots the Chemist.

20 January 2000
Apologies to readers of early editions on 17 January whose attention was drawn (on page 10) to the ‘huge Ironic columns’of Manchester City Art Gallery. The Ionic columns were back in place for later editions.

5 March 2001
In ‘The perils of loyalty'(page 22, comment, 1 March), we referred to ‘the moral satin of Clinton’s career”. That should have read ‘the moral stain’etc.

5 August 2004
In a column headed ‘Save us from the armchair generals”, (page 5, G2), the writer, having referred to the matter of gay people in the armed forces, noted that ‘former admiral of the fleet Peter Norton-Hill, has gone a little quiet on the subject.’That is because he died in May this year.

To read a full interview with Ian Mayes, and why he believes The Guardian has made other newspapers become more accountable to their readers, read this week’s Press Gazette.

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