Guardian pull-outs to get an overhaul

The Guardian has announced plans to revamp its various weekday supplements, starting with Society Guardian on 10 September.

Patrick Butler has been appointed editor of the public services pullout which is a lucrative source of revenue for Guardian Media Group as the main advertising medium for public sector jobs.

According to GMG, the redesigned Society section, which comes out on a Wednesday, will have more news and in-depth features and a more accessible classi?ed section. Two editorial pages will be added focusing on news and support for the jobseekers.

Butler was editor of the Society Guardian website and has been at the paper’s internet division, Guardian Unlimited, since 2000. He previously worked as a freelance journalist specialising in health and social affairs.

The media and education supplements, which come out on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively, are also to be redesigned later this year.

Overseeing the changes to these “G3” sections will be editor Janine Gibson who has been given the newly created job of G3 editor.

She said: “The Guardian’s coverage of public services has been unrivalled for almost a quarter of a century and the role the paper plays in the sector, as in education and media, is something we are determined to maintain.”

By Dominic Ponsford

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