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Guardian 'internal misunderstanding' behind PG report that Nick Davies was moving to the US

Last week, Press Gazette reported that Guardian journalist Nick Davies was relocating to work for the paper in the United States.

Davies has since stated that he will not be moving to the US and we are happy to set the record straight.

The story came about after Press Gazette was informed by sources that The Guardian's star investigative reporter (who has a freelance contract) would be joining the paper's growing US team and working in Los Angeles.

In response to an email, a spokesperson for the paper wrote to Press Gazette last week saying: “Nick Davies will be joining the US team later this year.”

When asked what Davies’s job title would be, the spokesperson said: “That’s still TBC [to be confirmed].”

The story was published at lunchtime on Friday on and in our weekly digital edition: Press Gazette – Journalism Weekly.

Davies emailed Press Gazette at 8.50pm on Saturday evening to ask for the story to be taken down. His email was not seen by editors that night and Davies posted a Twitter message on Sunday morning saying:   “Weird to read that I'm going to LA. News to me. Press Gazette ran story without checking and won't correct it.”

The story was taken down on Sunday night and Press Gazette said via Twitter: "Apologies to @bynickdavies who tells us he is NOT moving to LA for The Guardian, contradicting PG report on Friday".

Yesterday, The Guardian told Press Gazette: “Nick currently has no plans to move to the US.”

A spokesperson told Press Gazette “the information we provided to you last week was incorrect based on an internal misunderstanding”.



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