Grown-up feel for gaming title

Emap games title Nintendo Of?cial Magazine has added “UK” to its name as part of a revamp.

The new-look September issue out on 15 August, is expected to have a “more grown up feel” with readers playing a bigger part in the games featured in the magazine and their respective ratings.

Editor Tim Street said the introduction of the word “UK” to the title did not mean there would be more focus on developers in the United Kingdom, although they will feature in the magazine. “We felt we wanted to give it a fresh look and a fresh name,” he said.

The redesign introduces a number of new features including a new MasterClass section to help gamers beat the hardest parts of the best games, as well as news and reviews of the latest GameCube and GBA Games and more detailed coverage for Nintendo fans.

Publisher Andy McVittie said he thought readers would be surprised by the new look.

“It’s a radical reinvention and brings the reader right to the heart of their favourite gaming company.

“The magazine celebrates ‘the Nintendo difference’, a quality recognised by thousands of fans who voted for their favourite game of all time in our Top 100 feature in the new issue.”

The cover price is expected to remain at £3.50.

The issue also offers a free Be a Better Gamer book.

By Ruth Addicott

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