Grey Cardigan: I made writers wrestle grizzly bears

Brilliant interview with outgoing Loaded editor Martin Daubney in this months’s Press Gazette.

“I shot radioactive wolves from a helicopter, rode a powerful motorcycle past Bucko House dressed as a duck, was chased by Cuban cops on an illegal motorbike while dressed as Che Guevara, flew burgers to David Blaine in a little helicopter, and paid dwarves to race donkeys while we drank iced gin.

“I set fire to writers, bailed them from Russian jails, shot them from cannons, threw them in ice pools, blew them up with napalm, made them wrestle grizzly bears and had them commit all manner of foul sex acts in the tireless pursuit of our readers’ entertainment.

“It was a perpetual adolescence, and, for a while, nodody ever told us to stop…”

Brilliant stuff, and an object lesson in how a publication should reflect the personality of its editor. And, hopefully, its potential readers.

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