Grey Cardigan: Farewell to a fine pair

We shouldn’t allow the passing of George and Lynne from the pages of The Sun to go unmarked. The cartoon strip (and never was the word more appropriate) had run since 1976 until it was unceremoniously ousted by Wallace and Gromit a couple of weeks ago.

And perhaps that was the problem. The relatively prosperous middle-class couple never seemed to leave 1976; it was Life on Mars with breasts. They were fine breasts though, and were regularly on display as George and Lynne seemed to live in some kind of weird micro-climate where sunbathing in the garden was possible at least 48 weeks a year.

(They also inspired their own website, George and Lynne Explained, on which their antics were analysed with Beckett-like deadpan.)

There’s also the matter of the portrait in the attic, which ensured that neither of the two aged one bit during their 30-plus year run. I fear it’s all downhill now. George will no doubt be resorting to the little blue pills while Lynne, instead of cracking weak jokes and getting her bangers out, will be subject to the murderous rages of menopuasal women. Perhaps it’s for the best.



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