Grey Cardigan: Daily Star - truth or spoof?

This is yesterday’s Daily Star front page.

This appears to be the source of the story: “The President of Chile Uno Gomez has announced the mining disaster site will be preserved as a theme park for tourists to discover ‘the spirit of Chile’

“Once the miners have been rescued, Sidney World Entertainment Co. (Chile) will move in and commercialise the site as a Theme Park to boost the Chilian tourist industry.

“Members of the public will now be able to ride the Pegasus 2 capsule down to the mine floor and see how the miners lived for the last 70 days. 

“The interest around the world has been incredible, I’m glad we are going to preserve the site as a monument to Chile and heroism of the Chilian people” – President Gomez.

“Already, there is a Chilian Miner Diet book in publication after the 30 miners collectively lost 750kgs in 2 months.”

Unfortunately, it was published on a Daily Mash-style website of spoof news stories – http://www.thespoof.com/

You would have thought the name of the site might have given the game away, but hey, newsdesks are undermanned and very busy these days…


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