Greenslade leads return of media coverage to Telegraph

By Jean Morgan

Media commentator Roy Greenslade has quit The Guardian after 13
years to write a media column for the Daily Telegraph. His Guardian
column was recently axed and he was left with writing interviews.

His expertise has now been snapped up by Telegraph editor Martin
Newland, who is resuming media coverage. The paper dropped the Minx
diary and the rest of its press commentary after the Barclay brothers
bought the newspaper.

Greenslade, 58, will be starting his new weekly column – on the business pages – on 18 October.

It is likely to be the dominating article on a page devoted to media issues.

stint at The Guardian was the longest he has worked at any newspaper.
“Obviously I’m terribly disappointed at leaving The Guardian after 13
years – a very happy time,”

said Greenslade. “But circumstances
mean that I have been enabled to face a new challenge, which I am
embracing with all possible enthusiasm.

“I think the Telegraph under this editor is going places and I’m proud to be part of his new editorial mix.”

was at The Sun for fiveand- a-half years and spent three years at the
Sunday Times, before becoming editor at the Daily Mirror for a year
when it was owned by Robert Maxwell.

His book on Maxwell’s fall from grace is a media classic. He was also a consultant editor on Today.

Newland is hoping that by signing up Greenslade he may be able to attract Guardian readers to the Daily Telegraph.

said: “Roy is the country’s pre-eminent media commentator. His analysis
of the business and personalities that shape the modern media is
compelling, entertaining and enlightening.

“It will be a
must-read for Telegraph readers every week, and I hope The Guardian
readers who miss him will come over to the Telegraph.”

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