GPW wrong on Kamikaze Clarke

Westminster very own Mystic Meg has been at it again.

Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke will mount “a kamikaze challenge against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership”, confidently predicted The Sun’s political editor George Pascoe-Watson on 3 May.

Sadly, Clarke had already decided against any such foolishness and confirmed his intentions hours later in an interview with GPW’s News International colleagues. “I’m not going to run”, Clarke stated (unhelpfully for GPW) in an interview with The Times.

Still, perhaps the incident was marginally less embarrassing than GPW’s even more confident splash prediction in September that Tony Blair had “sensationally named May 31” as the date for his resignation.

To their bitter regret, his more gullible colleagues in the Press Gallery ‒ including those on the Daily Mail ‒ followed up the page one tale.

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