Gore's user-generated TV comes to UK

The world of user-generated television has come a step closer to British shores with the news that Al Gore is to launch his viewer-created channel in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Current TV, at present operating only in the US, is the first television network created by, for and with an 18- to 34-year-old audience. An agreement between BSkyB and Current TV will allow it to reach viewers in 8.2 million households.

A BSkyB spokesman told Press Gazette: "There are going to be some very interesting developments. Current is already taking submissions from UK contributors, which is part of the reason why they were so keen to come to Britain – there are actually stories going out on the US channel that are coming in from the UK."

The establishment of the UK channel is Current's first venture outside of the US since it launched in 2005.

The spokesman said: "The US channel is already broadcasting up to 30 per cent viewer material, and that figure is growing.

"They have similar aspirations for the new UK version as well, because they will be trying to make the channel over here as UK focused as possible, and they will be setting up a London office."

Citizen journalists in the UK and Ireland will be able to send in their video segments via Current's website, and if their work is selected for broadcast they will have the opportunity to see their work aired in the UK, the US and other markets.

Al Gore said: "We are excited about being able to unleash the creativity of young people in the UK and Ireland, enabling them to share their stories with the generational cohort around the world."

Instead of traditional news programmes, Current offers short-form, non-fiction programming called "pods" which are only a few minutes long and explore issues of interest to young adults.

BSkyB's Murdoch said: "Current TV is bringing the web's sense of empowerment to television for the first time. It has a uniquely collaborative approach to working with viewer producers that stands out among other platforms for user-generated video."

The channel aims to launch the UK version by spring 2007.

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