Good Morning Britain runs cheeky promo on big screen right outside rival BBC Breakfast's studios in Manchester

Good Morning Britain has cheekily provoked BBC Breakfast by running a promo for their show on a big screen right outside its rival’s studios.

The ITV morning show, which airs at the same time as its BBC competitor, unveiled its new “digital poster” outside the BBC Breakfast headquarters in Salford, Manchester, today.

The screen shows GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid sat at the news desk underneath the words “Not your average breakfast” next to a boiling pot of coffee, as well as a short clip of breakfast food items.

Revealing their promotional stunt on air, Morgan told viewers: “What we thought we’d do for a bit of fun, we were trying to think, where could we put this, on a rolling loop all day long, on a giant digital billboard?

“So we chose… you may recognise this, this is the BBC Breakfast headquarters, up in Salford, Manchester.

“So everyone who arrives at the BBC Breakfast offices today will be confronted by a rolling loop of how brilliant Good Morning Britain is.”

With a laugh, referring to his sparring partner BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker, Morgan said: “Apparently, Walker isn’t in today.

“But the others [will see it], when they pop up today, [Louise] Minchin, [Charlie] Stayt.

“It’ll start to annoy them once they realise what’s going on. Then they’ll try and get it removed and they can’t legally, it’s there all day.”

Morgan added: “We’ll find out when Walker is back and do it all over again.”

Reid, who was a BBC Breakfast presenter before joining GMB, joked: “May their pot of coffee runneth over.”

In response to Morgan’s tweet on the promo, BBC Newsround presenter Ricky Boloeto tweeted an image of the other side of the big screen, facing the studios, which appeared to be showing BBC Breakfast.

Both GMB and BBC Breakfast air weekdays from 6am.

Picture: ITV/Screenshot



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  1. Any former Press Gazette freelancers visiting the BBC may primarily be reminded of ex-proprietor Piers Morgan still owing them payments due over a decade ago.

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