Going forward here are the ten bits of jargon journalists would most like PRs to de-layer from their ecosystem

A poll of several thousand journalists has found the top-ten most annoying pieces of jargon used by the PR industry.

The list, provided by London-based Houston PR, is as a follows:

  1. Reach out
  2. Growthhacking
  3. Onboarding
  4. Curate
  5. Circle back
  6. Synergy
  7. Empower
  8. Solutions
  9. De-layer
  10. Ecosystem

Words which almost made the cut included: ‘bandwidth’, ‘robust’ and ‘evangelist’.

My pet hate, not included in the list (and not really jargon), are the words "I'm delighted" which appear in nearly every appointment-related press release I get (and which I remove if I possibly can).

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