GMG to cash in on Guardian US success

Guardian Media Group chief executive Carolyn McCall has signalled her intention to cash in on the popularity of The Guardian's website in the US.

Speaking at the World Digital Publishing conference in London, she said: "There's an opportunity in America for us, because we have some scale. We already make some money out of the US audience — we have a sales house in the US. We are currently reviewing that and may have two sales houses or a small sales team out there.

"We have just appointed editor Mike Kinsley — he's gathering a small team of people in the US."

She said The Guardian was developing a new home page specifically targeting US readers.

In a separate move, this week The Guardian launched a new music section on its website sponsored by computer firm Intel. According to Guardian digital boss Emily Bell, Intel will "integrate its brand" into the site, but she said it will retain editorial independence.

The site is edited by Paul MacInnes and will cover all genres of music featuring daily music news, weekly reviews, interviews, a what's on guide and regular competitions. Bell said: "The scale of our sponsorship with Intel is a media first for us. We will retain editorial independence, but we will work with Intel to integrate its brand into the site on a number of different levels and at the same time offer added value to our users." The music channel will be promoted online and in paper and is part of an expansion of Guardian Unlimited's arts coverage.

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