Gilligan joins The Spectator

The Spectator has signed up Andrew Gilligan, left, as its defence and diplomatic editor following his resignation from the BBC over the David Kelly affair, writes Ruth Addicott.

Editor Boris Johnson said: “He has a very good record at getting great exclusive stories. I think he has been grotesquely abused by other people in the media, some of it coming from journalists who, in story-getting terms, aren’t fit to lick his boots. He did some very good stuff for us during the war in Iraq and I hope he’ll be doing some great stuff for us.”

Asked why he thought Gilligan would be good for The Spectator, Johnson told Press Gazette: “I just think he got a very important story and got it essentially right. I’m fed up with seeing other journalists dumping on him and nauseated by the way Alastair Campbell has been crowing over the difficulties the BBC has been in. I think he’d be very good.”

Johnson hinted it would not be a full-time post, adding: “The Spectator is a generous employer in everything but money.”

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