GH tackles sex aids in first issue of science section

Good Housekeeping magazine has appointed its first science editor and is launching a science section in its September issue.

The magazine has signed up writer and former Tomorrow’s World presenter Vivienne Parry. Her first assignment will be to unravel the truth about sex aids for women. The feature follows a sex survey conducted by the magazine in April, which concluded that 50 per cent of Good Housekeeping readers would be happy to use a vibrator.

Parry has contributed to the title in the past, having edited a supplement on women in science for Good Housekeeping last November.

Editor Lindsay Nicholson, who is also a science graduate, said the response to the supplement had been phenomenal and “struck a real chord” with readers. “They are hungry for more information about aspects relevant to their lives,” she said. “We promise to arm them with facts.”

“Our sex survey proved once and for all that sex just gets better and better.

We’ve simply applied the GH values to product that we know women want.

Good Housekeeping has already tackled tantric sex -why not vibrators?” The US edition of Good Housekeeping first reviewed vibrators in 1916, when found they brought “a rosy glow to the skin”.

The September issue of Good Housekeeping is out on 11 August with cover price of £2.80.

By Ruth Addicott

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