Gadget website Pocket-lint marks tenth birthday with 'mobile-first' redesign

Independent UK-based gadget website Pocket-lint has marked its tenth birthday with a 'mobile-first' redesign.

The new look allows the site, which claims to attract 3m readers a month, to be read a variety of different devices.

Stuart Miles, founder of Pocket-lint, said: “Since we launched ten years ago the way people use the internet has changed dramatically. It is for this reason that we felt now is the time to re-launch Pocket-lint for an audience that might check their tablet in the morning, work from a desktop during the day and check their smartphone throughout.”

Chris Hall, editor of Pocket-lint said: “We feel many publications have rushed out app, HTML5 and ebook magazine versions of their news material without giving proper thought about how consumers are really using gadgets.

"As we move in to a post-PC era then being able to cater for different types of gadgets is essential. I am personally excited that we have gone for an open approach that doesn’t leave any one device behind.”

He said: "The website was designed with a mobile-first focus."

The site has ten full-time editorial memgers of stuff and is free to visit and ad-funded. Hall says the site has not plans to look at charging for access in the future.


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