Future to launch Pokemon magazine next month

Publisher Future is to launch the Official Pokemon Magazine next month to serve as the “voice” for UK fans.

The title, which is to print 13 issues per year, will provide the “ultimate guide” to the latest Pokemon video game, television series, film and trading cards. The £3.99 magazine will also feature activities, puzzles and competitions.

It will be part of Future's Entertainment Group, and will be edited by Chandra Nair, the editor-in-chief of Nintendo Projects.

Lee Nutter, group publisher of the Entertainment Group, said: “It is absolutely fantastic for Future to partner with an international brand as renowned as Pokémon and to be provided with the opportunity to bring the official magazine to the UK market.

“Pokémon has never been bigger and more relevant than it is today and the magazine will serve as the voice for its UK audience.”

The first issue of the Official Pokemon Magazine will be released on Wednesday 20 March.


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