FT's How To Spend It to launch spin-off

The FT’s supplement How To Spend It magazine is to launch a weekday edition on Friday 13 October.

The magazine, titled The Bonus Issue, will be distributed worldwide on a quarterly basis.

The magazine will include features already found in the Weekend offering, but tailored for a weekday audience.

The magazine will include holiday section Remote Control, luggage section Get a Grip, and food section Captain’s Table — where top deal-makers from the world of business and finance reveal which restaurants, bars and clubs play an indispensable part in their working week.

How To Spend It editor Gillian de Bono said: “The new weekday edition will steer readers towards a sharper image in the office and a killer outfit for that all-important midweek function. It will ease the daily commute and reignite readers' passion for long haul travel. It will dissect gym culture and give the upper hand in grooming. It will empower readers with the best gadgets and gizmos and pin down the powerbrokers at their favourite clubs, bars and eateries. And it will make it easy for our cash-rich, time-poor readers to indulge themselves – or others – even when they can't leave their desks.”


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