FT.com claims traffic growth on new access model


FT.com has experienced strong traffic growth since October, when it adopted a new access model that gives unregistered users 30 stories a month free and provides users of Google News their first click free on the site, Financial Times chief executive John Ridding has told Portfolio magazine’s media blog.

“The page view numbers are knocking on the door of about 10 million a month, 100 percent change. [To be precise, page views were up 90 percent year-over-year in November, according to Webtrends.] The registration numbers went from 200 to 400 a week up to between 15,000 and 17,000 a week,” Ridding said.

FT.com only publishes its ABCe audits annually in April. Its March 2007 figure it showed a year-on-year decline to 5.35 million monthly unique users and 43 million page impressions.

But announcing the launch of its new model in October, FT.com publisher Ien Cheng said monthly unique users had recovered to a three-month average of 6.5 million.

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