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FT claims total worldwide readership of 1.9m each day

The Financial Times today released new readership figures which suggest that around one in ten of its print readers also look at the FT online.

The new figures claim that the FT has 1.9m readers a day across its various publishing platforms.

Total print circulation of the FT dropped 6.4 per cent in March to 401,286 and the FT does not publish independently audited web traffic figures.

The new figure is based on readership surveys, ABC circulation figures and FT research and is compiled with the help of accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The FT’s latest data is for November when it says it reached 1,905,636 readers a day worldwide. It says this is up from 1,833,466 in May last year.

According to this new “average daily global audience figure”, the FT’s UK print edition had 433,000 readers per day in November, or nearly four per copy. Average online readership was 138,066 per day. The ADGA certificate states that 39,471 people in the UK read the FT both in print and online, or less than one in ten of the print edition readers.

According to the new data, the FT reaches the following numbers of readers around the world:

Figures are: print readers; online readers; total (minus duplication)

UK: 433,000; 138,066; 531,595

Europe, Middle East, Asia: 366,959; 105,198; 432,639

Americas: 497,120; 225,882; 658,453

Asia Pacific: 204,075; 105,677; 282,950