Freelance Murray to take on second apprentice

For the second year running freelance journalist Janet Murray is offering a school-leaver the chance to train for a career in journalism by joining her as an apprentice.

The 12-month scheme pays £6.08 an hour and introduces potential journalists to new skills such as news writing, using social media and organising events.

Last year's apprentice, 22-year-old Rhian Jones, was selected from more than 60 applicants across the UK and is now a staff writer for Music Week.

Murray launched the apprenticeship scheme in 2011 to offer young people an alternative route into journalism.

She told Press Gazette: 'This type of learning isn't for everyone. Applicants need to be passionate and enthusiastic about being a journalist and prepared to get stuck in, work hard and try new things."

Murray is also after someone who has a 'a love of language'and is 'passionate and enthusiastic about the role".


'Rhian was prepared to try her hand at anything and that adaptable approach in journalism is vital when your priorities can change at the click of a finger,'she said.

'I encourage people to get out there, get blogging, get writing and try to get something published."

Jones said the scheme provided the ideal platform for her to develop her journalism skills.

'I learnt more in those few months than in my entire life,'she said. 'Last week I saw my first front page write up and that is when it hit me – I've made it, I'm a proper journalist."

Asked what attributes the next apprentice would need, she said: 'Attitude, it's all about attitude.

'You need to be willing to do anything and everything, say yes to everything and be prepared to get stuck in and make the most of the experience presented.'

The vacancy is advertised on the National Apprentice Service's website and the deadline is 28 August 2012.

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