Freelance in Israeli detention centre

Freelance journalist Ewa Jasiewicz, working in Israel for the left-wing magazine Red Pepper, has been denied access to the country on the grounds that although she does not pose a security threat, she “might be used by others because of her status as a journalist”.

Jasiewicz has been detained in Ben Gurion detention centre for more than two weeks after she arrived at Tel Aviv airport and was recognised by guards from a pro-Palestinian television appearance two years ago.

She was hoping to report on Israeli opposition to the security wall.

On Tuesday, Judge Drora Pilpel ruled that Jasiewicz was to be denied access into Israel altogether. At the end of the short hearing, Pilpel said: “She (Jasiewicz) might be used by others because of her status as a journalist, her innocence (naivety) and her ideological belief against what she calls fascism and racism.”

Jasiewicz said: “This is absurd and Kafkaesque. I can’t believe they have in part made a decision based on my personality – and based on what knowledge? I am not naive to the dangers of this country.” She has lodged an appeal to Israel’s High Court.

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