Former private investigator arrested by police probing Fleet Street computer-hacking

A former private investigator has been arrested as part of a national inquiry into allegations of computer hacking and other privacy breaches.
The 58-year-old, who is a retired PI, was held at his home in Reading at around 7.45am on suspicion of trying to illegally access information.
Scotland Yard said he was arrested for alleged conspiracy to commit an unauthorised act with the intent to impair the operation of a computer.
He is the 21st person to be arrested as part of Operation Tuleta, the Scotland Yard investigation that is being run alongside inquiries into alleged phone hacking and corrupt payments to public officials.
The inquiry became caught up in a row between MPs and investigators over whether to publish a list of clients of rogue PIs.
Earlier this month Scotland Yard removed nine names from the list, including five linked to Operation Tuleta, because they are subject to live investigations.
The Home Affairs Select Committee had threatened to publish the list, but the issue is now being re-considered after objections from the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the Information Commissioner and the Metropolitan Police.


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