Food delivered to Grenada, thanks to the Mail

A ton of food aid has been delivered to hurricane-hit Grenada thanks to the Birmingham Evening Mail.

The Midlands daily launched an appeal in September to help victims of Hurricane Ivan in response to concern from the city’s large West Indian community.

Reporter Poppy Brady and photographer Loretta Brennan were among a party of ten from Birmingham who spent seven days on the island making sure the food, that was shipped free of charge by Virgin Atlantic, got to all the right places.

Brady said: “Two months after the hurricane and virtually every home is still without a roof. We came across some distressing tales, such as a boy who had seen his mother and baby sister killed. The people are still very traumatised by what happened and they all feel that this tragedy has been forgotten by the rest of the world.”

The Evening Mail says it is now looking to encourage further links with the island. Hurricane Ivan killed at least 57 people in Jamaica and Grenada and also ravaged the Cayman Islands and the coast of Florida

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