Fishy goings on at MSN


They’ve experienced a bit of a #fail, as Ian Katz might put it, over at the MSN News picture desk this afternoon.

The internet giant’s news site ran a story about “the world’s ugliest animal” but, presumably by accident, illustrated the piece with a picture of every mother’s favourite clean-cut former electro keyboardist physics genius Brian Cox.

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How anyone could mistake the owner of those piercing brown eyes, mop-top hair and boyish good looks for a fish described as “the marine Jabba the Hut” is anyone’s guess.

Anyway, as far as Axegrinder can work out, the site was still running the story garnished with a picture of handsome Professor Cox at four this afternoon, so presumably there are a few ghosts in the machine at MSN.

Or maybe not, as a tweet from Andy Hooper at MSN revealed:

For anyone on the picture desk over there, here you go…

Our pleasure.



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