@ Fipp: Smells and personalisation - the future of mags?


Personalised front pages and scented inks are among the ideas being put forward by magazine execs to make full use of the possibilities of print.

In a session at the Fipp World Magazine Congress in London this afternoon, IPC Media editorial development director Andy Cowles said: “Personalising subscriber issues is a real opportunity for magazines.”

He gave the example of the US edition of Conde Nast’s tech magazine Wired, which gave 5,000 subscribers the opportunity to have their own picture on the cover of their copy of the magazine, delivered to their door.

“New media doesn’t obsolete the old – it just frees us up to do what we’re good at,” Cowles added.

Paul Kurzeja, creative director at customer publishing giant Redwood, added: “It’s about creating conversation, what you call water cooler moments. The water cooler is now Twitter, it’s Facebook.”

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