@ Fipp: How Grazia uses Twitter to test out new ideas

Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton has explained how her magazine uses social media to find out whether an idea will work in the magazine – or flop.

Bruton told the Fipp World Magazine Congress that tools such as Facebook and Twitter allowed the Bauer weekly to get minute-by-minute guidance from readers on what they want to see.

“The rise of the internet and Facebook and Twitter has been a massive opportunity for us,” she told delegates.

“We’ve had a fantastically responsive readership with hundreds of emails and letters coming in every week.

“The fact that we’re now tweeting all the time and we’re on Facebook means we can talk to our readers on a minute-by-minute basis.

“If we want to test out whether a story will work in the magazine we can go online, we can go on Twitter.”

She added: “Our fashion teams now rather than sitting [at shows] and taking notes and coming up with a trend report, they’re twittering from the front row, running to the car, typing up instant web reports and our readers love it.”

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