Financial Times to relaunch FT Wealth

The Financial Times is to give its FT Wealth supplement an upmarket relaunch to target the interests of the ‘very wealthy’global citizens.

Published quarterly, the tabloid will now appear as a magazine in a ‘unique’format.

It will be distributed in the UK, European and Asian editions of the FT from the 28 March.

As a high-quality magazine it will target people with personal assets of more than £1 million on top of the value of their property and will cover asset allocation, new and exotic investment products, real estate, emerging markets and investment alternatives including art and wine.

Advertising director EMEA and global display Dominic Good said FT Wealth is ‘designed for a unique audience, making it the ideal advertising proposition for our wealth management banking clients. FT Wealth will be read by the top 1% of the population in terms of wealth, an audience which no other publication can claim to reach.’

FT Wealth will also include issues such philanthropy, succession and family planning, education, matrimonial, security and social issues.

Research conducted by Tulip Financial Research and Mintel International reveals that over 60% of the total UK assets are controlled by 1% of the population.

Advertisers for the new magazine include Breitling, Barclays Global Investor, Barclays, Credit Suisse and Collins Stewart.

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