Financial News website is moving with the times

Weekly newspaper Financial News has rebranded and relaunched its website in a move which signals a changing attitude to papers on the internet.

E-Financial News launched in April 2000 during the dotcom boom – the new-look site is being called Financial News Online.

Editor-in-chief Peter Wilson-Smith said: “When we launched everybody was valuing online properties more highly than hard-copy publications – we weren’t sure how it would turn out.

“When we launched E-Financial News we thought it would generate a lot of advertising and it was a free service. As it happens, subscriptions have had far more impact than advertising income.”

The site has also become a marketing tool for the paper – accounting for up to 20 per cent of subscriptions.

In its new form Financial News Online will include more daily news updates and more e-mail bulletins for subscribers.

Wilson-Smith said: “We’ve taken this opportunity to freshen the look and feel of the website to appeal to the younger audience it attracts.

“Compared to the Financial News readership, users are on average five years younger and though they want all the attributes of the newspaper in terms of editorial integrity and breadth of coverage, they also require their news tighter, faster and available at the touch of a button.”

By Dominic Ponsford

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