Feeling spiky over TV show

Thank you for allowing Dead Man Weds writer David Spikey to slag off local journalists in your last edition.

from having to put up with terrible wages, poor resources and
relentless cost cutting, they now have to accept being portrayed as
useless incompetents.

I suppose they should be grateful it is not
the usual soap opera image of journalists all being sleazy,
back-stabbing, lying slimeballs.

I was impressed by Mr Spikey’s
extensive research: “Even the Chorley Guardian was too high-tech. There
were loads of computers, people using Quark…” What on earth did he
expect – people using typewriters?

Perhaps I should write a
comedy series on TV scriptwriters. Based on Dead Man Weds , it doesn’t
actually have to feature humour, and the research side of it should be
pretty simple.

The “TV hit” you plugged on the front of Press
Gazette notched up 3.4 million for its debut episode, and 2.7 million
the next. Over on a “minority channel”, Desperate Housewives averaged
4.8 million viewers (unofficial overnights).

Looking forward to the second series of Dead Man Weds .

Tom Derbyshire chief sub-editor London

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