Fake news test: Can you tell the real headlines from the fake?

As part of its Fake News Week, Channel 4 commissioned a YouGov survey asking Britons to identify which of six news items were fake.

Only four per cent of the 1,684 British adults polled were able to identify all of the fake stories. About half thought at least one of them was fake.

Concerns around fake news have prompted publishers and social media platforms to deploy measures tackling it while the UK Parliament is running an inquiry into the issue.

Below are the six headlines shown to survey respondents (who were shown the whole news item). Can you tell the real from the fake? Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

1) Immigrants to be given £8,500 upon arrival to boost economy 

2) Iceland to host New Year’s Eve party for asylum seekers 

3) Donald Trump picks millionaire oil boss with close links to Vladimir Putin as Secretary of State 

4) Essex villages High Easter and Good Easter forced to change offensive names after complaints 

5) Trump offering free one-way tickets to Africa, Mexico for those who wanna leave America 

6) Tourist bitten by massive crocodile after trying to take a selfie 

US President-elect Donald Trump. Pictures: Reuters/Mike Segar

(Answers: 1, 4 and 5 are fake headlines)


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