Fake BBC News website set up to carry Charlie Hebdo attack conspiracy theories

A realistic-looking fake BBC News website has been set up carrying conspiracy theories about the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

A story, headlined: “Doubts raised over Charlie Hebo footage”, appears on the website domain bbc-news.co.uk.

The rest of the BBC website furniture on the page looks genuine and the links to other BBC content work.

But the story and video are about a conspiracy theory that the widely broadcast amateur video footage showing the killing of a Paris policeman was faked.

The story also claims that the Charlie Hebdo attack was a “false flag” operation perpetrated by Western intelligence.

According to internet registry company Nominet, the bbc-news.co.uk internet domain was registered on 28 December 2014.

The fake BBC News site site also carries a faked a video news report purporting to be produced by the BBC which has been posted to Youtube.

A spokesperson for the BBC said they were aware of the site and looking into it.

Update, 13 January 2015:

The site is no longer online. The url: bbc-news.co.uk/doubts-raised-over-authenticity-of-charlie-hebdo-footage now links to the Twitter account of hacker group Anonymous.



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