Eyes down, look out …

Holy are the righteous, and none more so than at the Derry Street headquarters of the Daily Mail.


The newspaper’s leader writers regularly rail against the evils of modern life and the concerted campaign against Tessa Jowell’s proposed super casinos had a frighteningly fervent tone to it.


So imagine my surprise when opening my Daily Mail to find a full page advertising its own mailbingo.com – ‘a better class of bingo”. With cars, holidays, a luxury villa and guaranteed £25,000 weekly jackpots up for grabs, one can only imagine that the Mail’s housewife audience are now hunched over their computers gambling away the family allowance rather than getting something on the table for tea.


Did Lord Dacre know about this? If he didn’t, it could be a case of: ‘Unlucky for some, one and three”.

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