Extinction Rebellion salutes 'balanced journalism' on climate change in Sun and Mail newspapers

Extinction Rebellion has said it “salutes” the Sun and the Mail newspapers for their “balanced journalism” in covering climate change issues.

The group of climate activists is continuing to blockade parts of London as it pushes for more urgent action to cut UK carbon emissions.

It has said it plans to hold a “peaceful vigil” outside the Sun’s offices in London this week.

Protestors sat outside the BBC on Friday (pictured) demanding media “tell the truth” about the climate crisis, despite widespread coverage of Extinction Rebellion’s actions.

A Panorama special on climate change will also air tonight on BBC One.

Extinction Rebellion has called on journalists to join it in declaring a climate “emergency” in an attempt to speak directly to reporters.

In an email to the media, it said: “We know this cause has many friends within these publications, we talk with and read what you write, we know you want to tell a different story, a new story, one which is about people coming together rather than about division.

“We also know the Daily Telegraph has recently made a sizeable change in acknowledging that we are in an emergency – but are still somewhat addicted to the idea that a tech fix that doesn’t exist yet will get us out of this situation.

“The Sun and the Mail have also done some balanced journalism which we salute you for.”

However the group also called out “attacks” on its finances which appeared in a number of newspapers on the weekend. Reports revealed the group pays up to £400 a week in expenses to some protestors.

The Mail on Sunday named some of those taking the group’s money.

Extinction Rebellion said in a statement: “We ask that these journalists stop looking to distract from the issue of the climate and ecological crisis and commit to covering the emergency with as much vigour as they do to attacking peaceful activists committing their energies to this cause. “


2 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion salutes 'balanced journalism' on climate change in Sun and Mail newspapers”

  1. I support their aims and objectives but that doesn’t invalidate the story about hired protestors.
    £400 a week, untaxed presumably, is more than most regional journalists receive…
    It smacks of rentamob!

  2. The Sun, Daily Mail, balanced journalism????? If that’s extinction rebellions idea of balanced then we are in deep trouble.

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