Express & Star rushes out 5,000 Late Specials

The biggest evening paper in England, the Express & Star, Wolverhampton, was able to carry a rolling story through several editions to a Late Special.

Deputy editor Keith Harrison said: “The story broke at 2.09pm on the Press Association and we caught the front page of our Sandwell edition which has a 2.30pm deadline. “We stopped the presses and replated for the front of our main city edition and when that finished, we did another replate with more pictures on the front of a late special and also replated page five with more pictures and background.”

Five thousand copies of the special went out and more than 90 per cent were sold. Sub-editors were roped in to deliver to newsagents and other locations. The front page of the Sporting Pink, out at 5.30pm, also carried Columbia on its front page.

“It was a great day for us in terms of production and a great performance by everybody,” said Harris. “We turned round four pages of the disaster in about 20 minutes, three of which were fronts.”

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