Express is '10p cheaper than the Daily Mail and 10 times better'

The Daily Express has launched a bitter attack on its mid-market rival the Daily Mail, accusing it of hypocrisy for raising its cover to price while highlighting the plight of hard-hit British families.

In a page two editorial today, the Express also takes its rival to task for campaigning on the eradication of free plastic bags “yet every weekend it wraps magazines and supplements in pointless polythene bags”,

The Mail goes up today from 45p to 50p, making it 10p more expensive than the 40p Express. 

In last month’s ABC circulation figures, the Express sold a daily average of 731,763, down 3.56 per cent on March last year, while the Mail sold on average just over 2.3m, a drop of 1.48 per cent. 


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