Examiners sacked after Telegraph's undercover investigation

In December undercover reporters from the Telegraph found evidence of exam boards giving secret advice to teachers on how to achieve better grades for their pupils at a series of seminars, when one examiner was recorded saying he was ‘cheating’by giving detailed information on which subjects would be covered in next summer’s history GCSE.

Today’s Telegraph report said:

Speaking after the hearing, Mr Dawe said that out of 13,000 examiners, “one or two” had needed to be “rapidly removed” after complaints that they were providing too much detail to teachers.

“In the last 18 months, I’m aware of two – one where we felt there was inappropriate information in a textbook, and we binned our exam and rewrote the exam and sacked him. And there was a seminar session where we picked up complaints and again we sacked the examiner.”

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