Ex-Sun ombudsman sets up newsbriefing company

After eight years as the man who dealt with complaints for The Sun, Bill Newman has set himself a new challenge in "retirement" by starting up a media briefing business from scratch.

Newman aims to take advantage of a new agreement brokered by the Newspaper Licensing Agency, which, for a fee, now makes every word of every national title available electronically from the 4am final editions.

Newman, 65, is employing a team of journalists working from home to provide bespoke summaries of press coverage to Blackberries and computers by 7am every day.

Newman spent 36 years at The Sun, eight as managing editor, and most recently as ombudsman — a job from which he retired in December.

He said of his new business, called In The Press: "It’s not a unique idea, but I think we will do it rather well."

He added: "Mr Murdoch is 10 years older than me, so if he can carry on, I can. But I’ve had to promise my wife that I won’t get divorced or have any more children like the big boss.

"I couldn’t think of anything worse than just sitting at home and putting your feet up all day."

For details, see www.inthepress.biz

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