Ex-editor launches hyper local mag serving community rather than shareholders

The former editor of axed Newsquest weekly the Worthing Sentinel is making a success of a new monthly full-colour magazine called the Worthing Journal.

Launching the title in January, Paul Holden told readers on the title’s website:

Having single-handedly written and edited The Sentinel since it began in January 2000, I have decided to continue it myself, providing residents of our fine old town with an unique mix of history, gossip, opinion, news and current affairs.

“Thousands of readers were disappointed when The Sentinel changed from a monthly to a weekly publication. I am turning it back into a monthly, making it glossy, and giving it a new name, the Worthing Journal.

“Despite the changes, the content will follow exactly the same format as The Sentinel. Readers often complained about The Sentinel being delivered one week, but not the next. To overcome this, I will guarantee personal delivery through your letter box.

“To cover costs, the Worthing Journal will cost £1 per issue, or £11 a year subscription which will entitle readers to 12 issues. In return, I promise to relentlessly campaign for, and champion, Sunny Worthing, the best and most underrated town in England.”

Now four issues in the title is apparently going from strength to strength.

Holden told Holdthefrontpage:

“The whole of Worthing and district was stunned when Newsquest pulled the plug on The Sentinel because it was such a hugely popular, and unique, publication.

“I received hundreds of emails and letters from people expressing their dismay, and urging me to continue.

“I was astonished by the reaction and decided to go for it. The response has so far been fantastic. I’ve even got a volunteer team of former Sentinel readers who said they would deliver The Journal for free.”

He said the mag started at 32 pages but he has upped to 48 because he was turning readers away.

“The Journal proves, in my opinion, that hyper local publications serving the community rather than shareholders are the way forward. If these big newspaper groups offer you redundancy, take it, and set up on your own. You won’t look back!”

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