Evening Star reveals how it helped catch barmaid killers

Readers of Suffolk’s Evening Star have learned of its pivotal role in bringing the killers of a barmaid to justice.

More than two years on from a crime which sickened the community – victim Janet Fleming was stamped to death in Ipswich during a bungled Christmas-time public house robbery – the Star has told readers that the newspaper’s biggest reward offer paid massive dividends.

The Star said it would pay £5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killers – and this was quickly matched by The Pub Estate Company.

Police had met a wall of silence during a difficult inquiry but suddenly their phones began to ring, said the paper.

The trail led to murderers Leon Sobers and Damien Duberry, who have been jailed for life.

The Ipswich-based daily, part of Archant Suffolk, was unable to tell readers of its dramatic success until an appeals process was completed earlier this month.

“We were very touched by the case – not just because it was one of the most brutal crimes our county town has ever witnessed. It was our duty to act when a kindly, much-loved woman was killed by two pathetic cowards at her place of work,” said Evening Star editor Nigel Pickover.

“We’ve now paid out the cash – and readers know, yet again, they have a powerful friend on their side.” The Star, which has claimed 10 campaign and appeal victories in the past year, has now splashed the story, together with comments from Suffolk Police praising the paper.

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