Evening Standard home affairs editor to return to work after 'patch wars' toilet tussle

The Evening Standard's home affairs editor is set to return to work next week after it emerged that he struck a colleague.

Axegrinder understands that there was an incident on Thursday 11 June in the toilets of the Standard newsroom.

Martin Bentham (picture from Al Jazeera on Youtube) is understood to have remonstrated with feature writer Joshi Herrmann and struck him several times.

A well-placed source put the incident down to "patch wars". Bentham was apparently concerned that Herrman's features work was straying too much into his patch. Herrmann was highly commended at the Press Awards for his work highlighting the radicalisation of British jihadis.

Bentham is currently away from the office taking a two-week holiday but it is understood he will return next Monday.



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  1. Martin Benthams article on customs ‘seizure of rubber ‘O’ rings for Iran’ must be a joke. If Iran can make/ refine nuclear material they should be able to make synthetic rubber rings or parts for any purpose. These rings are just the kind of thng used in washing machines , plumbing fixings and any number of machines. Dramatic ‘customs seizures’ is really scraping the barrel, presumably one which has a rubber ‘O’ ring as a seal on the lid which most do these days. Pshaw!

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