End of the road at The Sun would have been no surprise to Mystic Meg

The end when it came would  not have been a surprise to her, but why has The Sun quietly dropped Mystic Meg after decades of service?

Her exit was not mentioned in the announcement on New Year’s Eve that the paper has a new astrologer – the less than mystic-sounding Frank Pilkington.

My insider at News UK towers knows only that the deal she had been on at the paper was worth “flipping shedloads” (or words to that effect). It was well into six-figures and had be signed at corporate level, above the editor’s head. My source speculated that once that contract came to end it may have been seen as an opportunity to cut costs.

Press Gazette understands that Meg’s career is not over at The Sun though. She will still apparently work for the paper on projects such as Sun Bingo. At 72, perhaps she has decided it's time to take things easier.


1 thought on “End of the road at The Sun would have been no surprise to Mystic Meg”

  1. When the Sun hired her back (due to apparently so many stupid readers requesting her), there was a ‘welcome back’ article (available online) in which she says some nonsense, making out like it was her decision to leave…it’s embarrassing, although not as embarrassing as the Sun or any other newspaper putting star sign crap in their stupid pages.

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