Emap to make all magazines A4 in cost-cutting drive

Business-to-business magazine publisher Emap Inform is cutting the size of all of its titles to A4 and changing its print dates in a cost-cutting drive.

The group – which owns weeklies including Retail Week and Nursing Times – has said it will print all of its products on A4 paper, a slight reduction for most.

Titles that will be smaller include Screen, Construction News, and Local Government Chronicle.

It will also print its titles “back to back” on Tuesdays and Fridays to save costs and cut waste.

Currently, titles are printed throughout the week – so publication dates will change for some magazines.

The type of paper will also be standardised across the group, although the company said quality would not be affected.

Emap Inform chief executive Simon Middelboe told Press Gazette: “Is it about cost saving? Yes, it’s about cost saving.

“We believe that this is a much less painful way of reducing costs than cutting marketing budgets, or cutting investments in editorial and sales.”

Explaining the changes, he said: “We’re going to print all our weekly magazines back to back on the same reels of paper.

“We’ll be printing on Tuesdays and Fridays, and we’ll be able to change the plates electronically. It’s the most cost-effective way of printing.”

Although he did not reveal the level of savings, Middelboe said: “We’ve been able to make a significant cost reduction, which otherwise we would have had to extract from editorial resources.

“We think this is a better way. I don’t want to go into percentages but quite a lot of change is required, and we wouldn’t have done that unless we thought the gain was significant.”

Last year, Emap Inform announced it was cutting 40 jobs – around 10 per cent of its total workforce – in a cost-cutting drive.

Emap’s B2B division is jointly owned by the Guardian Media Group and private equity firm Apax Partners, which bought the business from Emap plc in December 2007.

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