Editors of The Sun and Guardian and leader of the NUJ back campaign to stop police spying on journalists - Press Gazette

Editors of The Sun and Guardian and leader of the NUJ back campaign to stop police spying on journalists

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The editors of The Sun and The Guardian and the general secretary of the National Union of Journalists are among those backing the Save Our Sources campaign to stop police secretly monitoring the phone-calls of journalists.

The Change.org petition, which can be found here, calls on the Interception of Communications Commissioner Sir Anthony May to ensure that the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act is not used by public authorities to secretly obtain journalists' phone records and identify confidential sources.

Such action is believed by many to be a breach of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights with gives the highest possible protection to journalists' sources.

Press Gazette started the campaign at the end of last week shortly after it emerged that the Met Police had used RIPA to secretly obtain the phone records of Sun political editor Tom Newton Dunn and details of calls made to The Sun newsdesk in order to find three officers accused of leaking information about the Plebgate affair. The officers were not found to have broken the law, but were sacked anyway.

Backers of the campaign so far include Sun editor David Dinsmore, Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, Spectator editor Fraser Nelson, National Union of Journalists general secretary Michelle Stanistreet and Chartered Institute of Journalists general secretary Dominic Cooper.

The petition list (below in full) also includes Guardian reporter Nick Davies, Sun investigations editor Brian Flynn, Oxford Mail and Oxford Times editor Simon O'Neill and former Times managing editor and City University head of journalism George Brock.

Here are some of their reasons for signing:

Fraser Nelson: "Freedom of press means freedom to protect sources."

George Brock: "Confidential sources are essential to the free circulation of significant information in democracies. Sources must be able to trust the promise of confidence."

Oxford Mail and Oxford Times editor Simon O'Neill: "As a journalist I am concerned about creeping secrecy and media suppression by state organisations."

Guardian reporter Nick Davies: "Journalists should be able to protect sources and information from police intrusion."

Dominic Cooper, director general of the Chartered Institute of Journalists: "It is essential that journalist’s sources are protected at all costs. Only then will those who seek to shine the light on wrong doing be able to trust in the confidentiality offered by journalists."

Sun investigations editor Brian Flynn: "We do not want to live in a police state."

Here is the current full list of 305 signatories:

Dominic Ponsford

Dan Palmer

William Turvill

Eliot Hastie

Morette Thompson

Ellie Brown

Simon O'Neill

Tom Worden

fidelma cook

Neil Syson

Gail Milne

Henry Vaughan

Samir Jeraj

lewis panther

Gaz Corfield

Andrew Gardner

Stuart Smith

Concepta Cassar

Tom Savage

Jane Price

Kevin Price

Nigel Pauley

Jen Pharo

Jo Taylor

Spy Blog

Michelle Smart

martin stenning

Sarah Griffiths

Jon Slattery

Ric Sumner

Jules Mattsson

Pete Maclaine

Jeremy Dear

Tom Newton Dunn

Stephen Bush

Jonathan Calder

Duncan Geddes

Greg Swift

James Cunliffe

Jeff Gazzard

Paul Hurved

Robin Rea

Riitta Ollila

Jon Mills

john jewell

Daryl Stafford

Lara O'Reilly

Tim Palmer

Will Jordan

Lizzie Palmer

Enid Shelmerdine

Shane Croucher

Patrick O'Brien

Jordan Bintcliffe

megan french

Rachel Broady

Gareth Davies

John Keenan

Fraser Nelson

Tina Robins

Mary Mehaffy

liz gerard

Sam Harrington-Lowe

Alex Olliver

James Doleman

William Humphries

Stanley Moorcroft

Bryan Glick

Rudolf Abraham

Simon Russell

Patrick Walter

Anthony Hatter

Kevin Ward

Sam Marsden

Chris Johnston

Joan Willows

Robert Collins

Maria Williams

Darren Ingram

George Brock

Tom Witherow

Oliver Jones

V Witty

Craig Lewis

Mike Jempson

Nick Davies

Jane Rossiter-Smith

Steve Rose

Bill Campbell

Richard Andrew

Meg Howarth

Denise Danks

Tim Crook

Dominic Cooper CIoJ

Sean Gallagher

Matt Hill

Michael Fisher

Nigel Jarrett

David Wignall

Tony Bianchi

Anthony Warlow

Oliver Pugh

Paul Weatherilt

Denis O'Regan

Lucy Fisher

Mark Johnson

William Goodwin

Janet Jones

Ben Turner

Madeleine Trimmer

Pete Green

D Lee

Tom Bristow

Laura Oakley

Roger Perkins

Thomas Barfield

Nick Wallis

Graham Alexander-Harper

Geoffrey Brewis

Paul Lashmar

Richard Gould

Jill Rosenlund

robert hooper

Hilary Muray

Anthony McIntyre

B Bridges

Carrie Twomey

Kathryn Johnston

Paul Francis Leighton FCIJ

Neil Wallis

caraline brown

Jamie Turner

David Dinsmore

Alexander Robson

Cassandra Allwood

Ben Parsons

David Thomas

Thomas Walshe

Alison Webster

Peter Walker

Tony Whitfield

Michelle Stanistreet

Robin Wilson

Harry Kemble

William Lodge

Joe Shute

Mikey Smith

Harry Kemble

Philip Fielding

Jason Beattie

Mike Lowe

Daniel Bentley

Grant Rollings

V Weston

James Brownsell

Phil Sutcliffe

Paul Lewis

Rob Reeves

Doug Seeburg

ciaran mc clean

William Horsley

Anthony France

Michael Hortin

Maggie Curtis

David Smith

Sarah Kavanagh

Jacky Porter

Ashley Kirk

Margot Huysman

mike forster

David Lindsell

David White

Helen Reynolds

Dick Bain

Brian Flynn

sharon hanna

Andrew O'Hagan

stefan slater

Philip Hunt

David Comeau

Louise Bolotin

Neil Wilson

Geoff Webster

Roger Ryan

Emily Brown

Francesca Di Renzo

richard meredith

Roy Mincoff

rob evans

Deborah King

Andrew Pugh

David Rose

Graham Nugent

Matthew Lloyd

Paul Robinson

Claire Pugh

Matt Silver

gordon porritt

Mia Kozlow

Lynda Totton

David CC Ewen

sarrah Blyth

Lucia Poliovkova

Steve Hoselitz

Linda Fenn

Bernie Shaw

Rob Draper

Tresor Ekwok

H Smith

Fiona Scott

annette mcparland

Kelly Bedson

Andrew Stephenson

Lynsey cleaver

Cheryl Jarman

Jan Patterson

alice johnston

Vanessa Langford

Maureen Loo on

Louise Smillie

Rick Byrne

Kelly Ablethorpe

barbara hall

Tim McConville

Jessica Daniels

Natalie Brewer

Michelle Hodges

Natasha Carthew

Eddy Murphy

Rwanda Soole

Kelly Gilders

Nora Kurdy

Rob Tooze

Krisztina okunbor

Patrice Johnson

Amirali Ravji

Emma Raine

Jane Glenton

Zoe Spears

Elizabeth Fleming

Jay Vincent

Darren Jardine

A Rathbone

dawn beech

Don Harrison

Alice Smith-Hogan

Sheila Ryan

Steven Cassidy

kathryn terry

Karim Kraku

Lorilee Mensah

David Lawson

dave Ballantyne

Helen O'Neill

joy meah

Jack Grady

Ewa Kopacki

Laura Onita

Leda Schoen

carol brewster

Tom Sneddon

lynn ghenimi

Thomas Clinch

Andy Smith

Tory Blair

Jean Morgan

Owen Duffy

Robert McLaughlin

Janine Gibson

Sheron Boyle

Richard Fidler

jim mcquade

David Allen Green

Inga Boegershausen

Eric Matthies

Jill Foster

Thais Portilho

Lynn Morris

Robert Goldspink

David Shariatmadari

Pat Gow

Dominic Heale

Peter Burrows

richard goss

Jeremy Ball

Pam Cowburn

Chris Doidge

Nikki Osborne

Julia Day

sue morey

Tina Quinn

ben black

Amanda Brodie

Carmel Harrison

Roisin Hannon

Stephen Wright

Ian Gallagher

Loraine McGrady

Miranda Grell

Kris Jones

Mei Wan Chang

Joseph Cox

To join them, sign our petition here.



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