Editor of Grantham Target says there is room for two paid-for newspapers in Lincolnshire town

The editor of the newly-launched Grantham Target believes his newspaper can "co-exist" alongside the town’s existing paid-for weekly.

The Grantham Journal, originally known as the Grantham Journal of Useful, Instructive and Entertaining Knowledge and Monthly Advertiser, has been covering the hometown of Margaret Thatcher and Isaac Newton since 1854, when it cost one penny.

Now costing 95p, the Johnston Press title has been joined by the Target, a 50p rival published by Lincolnshire Media, part of Local World.

The launch comes less than a month after fellow regional publishing giant Trinity Mirror closed seven regional paid-for titles.

Adam Moss, who edits this title along with the Target titles in Boston and Sleaford, told Press Gazette: “We can certainly understand why it might have raised one or two eyebrows, but for us it was really quite a logical move.

“In the respect that we already publish the Target series, in Boston and Sleaford and East Lindsey, and we already have publications that are published by the same company that publishes the Grantham Journal in those areas.

“And we quite happily and peacefully co-exist in those areas already, so there’s no reason why we can’t do the same in Grantham.”

According to Moss, 38 editorial staff work across Lincolnshire Media, which produces seven titles in total – the Lincolnshire Echo, Retford Times and Journal magazine as well as Target titles for Grantham, Boston, East Lindsey and Sleaford.

The Grantham Target launched with a print run of 10,000. The Grantham Journal is no longer audited by ABC, but recorded a circulation of 14,072 in the second half of 2012.

In the first half of 2014, the Boston, Sleaford and East Lindsey Target titles recorded circulations of 8,872, 3,592 and 11,068 respectively.

Writing on the Lincolnshire Echo website, Moss gave readers "15 reasons to buy the new Grantham Target".

In the article, he said: Moss said: “It’s not every day that a team of journalists get the chance to start a new publication from scratch and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know the area, its people and writing the stories you’ll read.

“We’re aiming to bring you the latest news every week in the newspaper and breaking stories on our website every day.

“But we also want to document the significant events in your lives, highlight the local issues which are important to you and provide our advertisers with a fantastic platform to spread the word about their products and businesses."

“Grantham is a town that’s on the up, with plans for thousands of new homes, major transport improvements and a growing local economy.

“We hope to become part of that emerging success story and we will certainly be doing our utmost to give people a good reason to part with 50p every Wednesday.”

The launch edition of the paper appears to have gone down well among the Grantham community on Twitter.

Grantham native Christopher Pell said: "I certainly don't think it's a bad thing, it'll be good for the town to have more choice for local news, plus I think the Journal is quite expensive now, so the 50p price is quite tempting."

Pic credit: The Grantham Target.



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